Pumpkin Spice Pictures

One of Nicole’s dreams for a long time has been to open a healthy bakery. That’s a huge dream, and we’ve slowly begun working toward that through her website burlybisonbakery.com. We’re going to build this website as an online storefront so she can begin to build an audience who hopefully will one day visit the physical Burly Bison Bakery.

This is a photo I took tonight of a new recipe she made that she’s calling Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes, and they were delicious! Since it’s fall now, everything pumpkin is back in style, and for our house, it’s not expensive coffee.


I’m looking forward to supporting and encouraging her on this journey towards creating the Burly Bison Bakery.

On a personal development note, I missed the focus on this shot. It was supposed to be on the middle front cupcake, but instead it ended up on the baked good to the right. In the whole week of taking pictures so far, holding a steady focus on the right subject is hard. I need to learn better breath control so I can hold the camera steady, as well as seeing more precisely what is in focus as I take the shot.


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