Creative Mistakes

Today Nicole and I went out just to have some fun taking photos of each other. We actually both, separately, had the idea to go out this weekend for this, so it worked out great. She knew about this really nice little park about 20 minutes away with a pond and a fountain, lots of trees, very picturesque. 

So we got dressed up, got to the park, and I started taking pictures just of things that were around. The community around this park had already painted pumpkins and placed them throughout the park. They were pretty well done! I took pictures of a few of them, but in particular, I took a few of this first pumpkin without remembering that the white balance was in manual mode, and was way off from what it should have been.

Whoops. Gotta take a few test shots first next time.

Not great. When I got home I decided to exercise some editing skills and see what I could do. This picture I decided I would try to make as happy and vibrant looking as possible, to see how far in the right direction I could pull it back to:

Hey that worked out pretty well!

It doesn’t look completely natural by any means, but I do really like how I was able to bring out the green in the leaves and the orange of the pumpkin, a really nice early fall contrast.

Here’s the original of this second picture I took:



I wanted to take this one in a different direction. Instead of being so vibrant and happy, I wanted to make it feel really creepy, like the kind of pumpkin that would be at a Halloween carnival from the Goosebumps books or something. Innocent on the face of it, but a feeling of creepiness:


What do you think? Definitely a lot colder feeling than the first picture. I over-saturated and over-contrasted maybe a touch, but I think that really adds to the effect.

These two pictures really came out well. I’m glad in the end that I messed up the white balance; I ended up with a few pictures more interesting than if the white balance had been spot on, and now I’ll be thinking a little more about how to use white balance for effect. A good afternoon’s learning.