Fall or Summer?

The weather is pretty unpredictable here in Michigan. Last week was certainly the beginning of fall, with highs in the low 60’s and upper 50’s; this week, though, it’s almost like being back in July. Today reached 75, and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. (Okay, maybe not July, but early June at least.)

This past Sunday Nicole and I went to a park near us, the same park where I shot two photos of a pumpkin, and tried to make them look very different. I attempted the same idea with the two photos below as well. Given the crazy temperatures between last week and this week, I made a ‘summer’ version and a ‘fall’ version of both when I edited them.


This is the fall version of this picture. I used the color balance tool in GIMP to increase red, magenta, and yellow, trying to make the grass more dull and to pop out the color in Nicole’s shirt. I over-did it a bit with the red, you can see how it turned the top of the picnic table in that direction.


In this photo, I did pretty much just the reverse of the first, dialing up cyan, blue, and green to bring out the grass and make it feel more like summer. It’s the blue that did me in this time; it’s a much cooler temperature photo, and you can see the difference in the table top between this version and the fall one.


I did the same process for this fall photo as the first one, and I ended up with the same mistake in the color of the wood. Overall though, I like how this turned out, especially in comparison with the summer version.


The only problem I may have run into with this summer version is maybe putting too much green into it; the foliage looks maybe a little fake with how vibrantly green it is. But it is a really nice contrast to the fall one, and I don’t think the color of the wood looks too out of place this time.

I’m really enjoying my three weeks of interest with photography so far. I’ll have to try to stay interested in it a little longer than usual though, because I volunteered to be second photographer at the Keys for Kids Celebration Dinner later this month.


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