Keys for Kids devotional story

A few weeks ago I was traveling for work, and since I had some time on my hands before my next flight, I decided I would write a short story for kids. This wasn’t a random choice; Keys for Kids Ministries, the children’s ministry that I work for, publishes a quarterly devotional for kids of the same name.

Each day in the devotional book features a short story that teaches a Biblical principle, along with a “Key Thought” and key verse to memorize. The usual characters are kids encountering usual kid situations: bullies at school, other kids with different lifestyles, that sort of thing. Sometimes the situations are more serious, dealing with terrorism, school shootings, and sexual abuse.

My story was more on the end of the tough topics. I was at the airport, right? What better to write about than a plane blowing up, right before I get on one?

Actually, the plane in the story didn’t blow up, but Melissa had seen news about an airport bombing (I thought of Brussels as I was writing). She was frightened as she boarded her own flight, but in the end was comforted by remembering Jesus is always with her.

I just received the news today that my story was accepted and will appear in an edition of the devotional in the first quarter of next year. I’m looking forward to writing more.