Voice Over By Dylan

Around the beginning of this year, I’ve started offering my services as a voice-over artist, mostly through Fiverr.

It’s been an interesting experience. I’ve been asked to play the part of a Muslim, to promote faith healing ministries, and narrate two videos where Sponge Bob, Patrick, and one of the Invasion compete in Kitchen Olympics. Definitely a variety of jobs on Fiverr.

One of the downsides of Fiverr is that you earn pretty small amounts of money at time (“Fiverr” = $5 bucks at a time). Plus they take a dollar out of every five for providing the marketplace. That’s fair, but it’s also a big chunk of whatever small amount you earn.

I haven’t put a lot of effort into trying to generate extra cash through Fiverr, but every two weeks or so I’ll get two or three jobs at a time. Not much, but it’s bought a few meals out for Nicole and I. They have quite a few stories on their newsletters and blog about people who make their whole living just by doing gigs on Fiverr, so for a dedicated few I guess there’s good money in it.

I wouldn’t mind making more extra money, but the ratio of work versus pay through Fiverr isn’t very good if you’re serious about making more. If I could find a way to streamline my workflow even more, then maybe Fiverr would be worth it, or if there was enough work through it to justify the time involved. My day job doesn’t scale down very well, so I would have to make a pretty big jump from doing one or two gigs after work to doing voice over full time. Not a decision I’d take lightly, or really want to take.