Windows Woes

Windows 7 was pretty good. Windows 8 was kind of a disaster, then it got a little better with 8.1. Windows 10 has been…frustrating.

Especially on my wife’s laptop. She just does light Internet surfing, email, recipes, that sort of thing. No big deal right? I figured a budget laptop would be fine, 4 gigs of RAM, a decent dual core processor, and we’d be set. I found a good deal on a new ASUS laptop on with Windows 10 that looked pretty good.

Wrong. I got it set up for her, uninstalled the pre-loaded “Microsoft Solitaire Collection” and unnecessary bloatware, but it was still. so. slow. At the worst, it took about five minutes to open Firefox, and another two or three minutes to load a webpage, even worse with multiple tabs. It worked like it was a computer from three or four years ago. It’s been so bad that she doesn’t want to try using it anymore.

I’ve tried a bunch of those “Ten Best Ways to Speed Up Windows 10” and “5 Hacks to Make Windows 10 Faster” articles, but they didn’t really help much. I did find a Youtube video that showed me how to troubleshoot a possible issue with Windows Update that seemed to be a common problem. That did seem to help a bit.

Even with the (slightly) increased performance, it’s a difficult computer to use. I regret buying it. I think it would work better with Linux, but that’s a bit beyond my wife’s desire to learn computer things. Plus, if it’s a brand new computer with decent specs and the “most modern operating system”, then why does it have such bad performance?