Fall Colors

A few weeks ago my wife and I set out on a spontaneous adventure. That’s pretty unusual for us; we stick to our routine and our schedule pretty well and don’t go outside of it too much. But this year I had learned that people go on “fall color tours” in Michigan, and being from Iowa originally, I had never been on one.


Nicole found a page on Pure Michigan’s website that laid out a number a number of pre-planned routes, and we settled on a plan for a loop that laid mainly northeast of Detroit. A notable feature of the tour was it brought us very close to Ontario at one point, and Nicole had never been to Canada before. We packed our passports, booked an Airbnb, and stayed the night in Canada!

Sarnia, Ontario from the US side of the water

One of the first stops was Lake St. Clair, not far from Detroit, in a park called the Metroparkway. Not a very appealing name, but a beautiful area. We had our picnic lunch and explored. They had a long boardwalk area, lined with trees, playgrounds, and even a waterpark! That was unfortunately closed for the season, but looked like a lot of fun.


We were worried that there would hardly be any leaves left on the trees, but almost everywhere we went, it was just beautiful. Very glad we went! It was a lot of fun. More pics below.

Fall Color Tour 2016
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