Be Open to New Opportunities

Being ready to offer more of your skills pays off.

A new client contacted me on Fiverr last week about recording a custom voice over script, and it was relatively exciting because it was for ten whole dollars rather than the usual five. Unfortunately, he messaged me as my wife and I were driving ten hours away from the studio to my parents’ house for the Christmas weekend. I explained the situation to him, sure that he was going to find someone else to record his script, but he actually said he was fine with waiting until I was back in town and could record. Great!

I sent him a custom offer and got the gig set up so that I could record the Friday after we returned from our trip. It was a good script, pretty easy to record, only took a little while to do. The individual lines did have to be chopped up a bit, but they turned out nicely and I sent them back to the client.

But then he asked if I could edit his resume as well! A bit of a departure from recording voice over. But he said he liked my work and he could use some help with his English resume, since he isn’t a native English speaker.

I’ve never worked with a resume other than my own and wife’s before, but I’ve always done well at writing and editing in my English classes in school, so I said I could do it. He sent his resume (which was very interesting and well-rounded) and I made grammatical and word-choice changes as I saw appropriate.

It was a relatively easy extra gig that came unexpectedly, and by being flexible and open to using skills other than what I had advertised, I was able to make a little more money than what I had expected. There’s your worldview for the day.