Keys for Kids Radio Ignites a Passion for Christ in Kids

It’s true, even in this day and age of apps, games, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and Netflix, Keys for Kids Radio is still positively impacting children for Jesus. Even though listening habits are certainly different than five or ten years ago, radio still has its place in kids’ lives to influence them for the Gospel. But it’s going to take a lot of hard work and collaboration for those inside and outside the media industry to make that happen, along with some realizations.

Mass media is more massive today than ever, and kids are in it.

Playgrounds seem empty and abandoned compared to years gone by. Streets are quiet where children once rode bikes and played games. Now they’re online, on phones and tablets, and on their way to consuming more messages from more diverse perspectives than any preceding generation.

Christian content must be a part of their media diet, and the content must be extraordinary. There’s a lot of talk about the authenticity detectors of millennials; the generation coming up behind them are only going to have refined and honed that skill. What is Christian media creating today, and is it compelling enough to draw kids in and keep them engaged?

Well-known stars on YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram are called “influencers,” but toward who or what are they influencing? Jesus and the Gospel? Not likely. The church needs to spread God’s Word where kids are at, and Keys for Kids Radio is already a past master at that.

Kids are the most receptive audience God has created.

Think about when you became a Christian. Most likely, you were still in elementary or middle school, and came to Christ through a combination of church, vacation Bible school, perhaps even a radio show on your local Christian station. Statistically, you’re in good company.

A Barna Group study found that 64% of Christians were saved before they turned 18, and two-thirds of that number did so before they were 13. Just 1% of the participants came to Christ through media evangelism, showing that there’s still huge room for growth for the body of Christ through radio. A poll by the Nation Association of Evangelicals demonstrated even more compelling numbers: the median age of being born again is only 11 years old, and 63% of believers do so in the 4-14 window.

Children are the most fertile field of spiritual harvest; the church needs to help plant the seeds both deeply, through the personal connection Keys for Kids Radio listeners know and love, and widely, through the great opportunity technology has afforded our ministry today.

Keys for Kids Radio can’t do it alone.

It never has and it never will. God calls the body of Christ to work together to glorify Him (1 Corinthians 12:21-26), and the ministry of children’s radio everywhere needs the support of Christians passionate about reaching a young audience with the Gospel. When you begin to talk about Keys for Kids Radio in particular, you begin to talk with a group of God’s workers that knows how to make every gift count, how to make each donation stretch to the last mile.

But those gifts still have to be given, those donations still need to be made, in order for the work to continue. Even used microphones, salvaged audio cable, and pre-owned cameras cost money, not to mention creating the apps and building the infrastructure that make them function. The list goes on, of course, and so even the most cost-conscious ministry needs support in order to be effective.

It takes a large group from within the body of Christ to provide for those needs. Individual donors make up a wonderful and encouraging majority of that provision; Christian business leaders can partner with individuals and with Keys for Kids Radio to stand in the gap and help bring in the harvest.

The time is now.

Will you consider becoming a steady support for Keys for Kids Radio through an ongoing personal donation? Or do you strive as a Christian business owner to support God’s work, especially for the most receptive audience to the Gospel?

You can make a donation here; even a ten dollar monthly gift will help Keys for Kids Radio reach more than 250 kids with the Good News each year. If you want to partner with Keys for Kids Radio through your business, you can email me at or send me a private message on LinkedIn to start a conversation.

[Originally posted on LinkedIn on April 25, 2017]