3 Lessons I Learned By Starting Too Many Projects

You know how exciting it is to start something new? Extremely. For me, I love to learn new things and put a new project in motion, but when the shininess wears off, so does my enthusiasm, and it’s not long before another “best-new-thing” hits the trash can.

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5 Crazy Things Every House Hunter Can Relate To

It’s no secret that other people arrange their houses differently than you do, or have different routines and habits. (The real battle is, which way does the toilet paper hang?) Usually, that’s no problem. You have your house or apartment, other people have theirs. But when you’re house hunting, you’re literally sticking your nose into their living situations, and sometimes the differences can be…surprising.

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3 Things You Need When You Go House Hunting

My wife Nicole and I are shopping for a house, and the market is CRAZY. On average, a house will be on the market for maybe three or four days before there’s an offer, and a lot of houses in our price range are moving even quicker than that. My uncle told me that there’s about 40 people looking at every house that comes up for sale. In the middle of this fast-moving housing market, I found three things that have become critical for us.

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