Keys for Kids Radio Ignites a Passion for Christ in Kids

It’s true, even in this day and age of apps, games, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and Netflix, Keys for Kids Radio is still positively impacting children for Jesus. Even though listening habits are certainly different than five or ten years ago, radio still has its place in kids’ lives to influence them for the Gospel. But it’s going to take a lot of hard work and collaboration for those inside and outside the media industry to make that happen, along with some realizations.

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Making the Old New Again

The Old

A bit of background first: I work for Keys for Kids Ministries, used to be called Children’s Bible Hour back in the day. The ministry was originally formed to produce the radio show “The Children’s Bible Hour” (deceptively named; it was only a half hour long) in 1942, so as an organization we have a rich depth of history in radio. Continue reading “Making the Old New Again”

Always On

One of the most important characteristics of radio is that it’s always on. Whenever you turn the dial, hit the button, or the start the stream, your local station promises that they’ll be there for you. Your friend over the air, bringing you music and entertainment, and in times of crisis, the minute by minute updates to carry you through.

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