I’m Dylan Kraayenbrink.


One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I’m not very interested in any one thing. Instead, I get really into one thing for awhile, then switch interests into another thing for awhile. I believe that God is developing me through this process, so I can learn many different skills for however He chooses to use me.

It’s valuable to be interested in many things today in the media industry, maybe radio most of all. There are very few jobs where one does just one kind of thing. Everybody in radio wears at least two hats, say hosting and social media, or production and copywriting, or programming and promotions. And that’s just radio. Whatever your specialty is, in media you’ll still need to work with multiple forms of content most days.

Through my job at Keys for Kids Radio, I’ve learned a lot about electronic media, and it’s shown me new areas that I’m interested in. I thought I should collect these all in one place and really begin to think about how God is developing me and my skills. Really, this website is more of a personal journal for myself, but since website management is one of those interests, I’ll put it online.

(Why this photo? The better question, why not?)