Media Portfolio

Thank you for listening and looking through my media portfolio. I hope that my accomplishments exceed your expectations. – Dylan Kraayenbrink

Memories On Christmas Day

This is a brief, podcast-style production that I created for my wife’s Christmas present. I asked friends and family to record themselves sharing their memories of her, and I created a story structure from those elements. The best thing about this present is that it made her cry tears of joy, and she never cries that way for presents!

Keys for Kids radio programs, 4.5 minutes and 60 seconds

These two daily programs are based on the Keys for Kids print devotional; I work with the voice talent, “Zach”, to record each day’s devotional, and I edit, produce, and distribute them into a finished four and a half minute program for radio stations.

I, our voice talent, and an associate producer write scripts from the print devotional for the 60 second version, and the talent and I record the scripts each week. I also write the lines for the kids’ voices, find kids to record, and edit and produce the kids’ lines.

Keys for Kids, 4.5 minutes

Keys for Kids, 60 seconds

Voice Over and Post Production

I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to do high-quality voice over and post production for radio. Below is my voice over reel, and I wrote, recorded, and post-produced the audio pieces I selected from.

Video Interview

Below is a video playlist from Keys for Kids Radio’s YouTube channel. I recorded this remote interview with the band Alive City for air play on the station, edited the interview into bite-sized chunks, and posted the video to the blog on the website and social media.

Thank You

I appreciate your time in looking over my portfolio, and I hope to hear from you soon.

– Dylan Kraayenbrink