Voice Over By Dylan

Around the beginning of this year, I’ve started offering my services as a voice-over artist, mostly through Fiverr.

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Fall or Summer?

The weather is pretty unpredictable here in Michigan. Last week was certainly the beginning of fall, with highs in the low 60’s and upper 50’s; this week, though, it’s almost like being back in July. Today reached 75, and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. (Okay, maybe not July, but early June at least.)

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Keys for Kids devotional story

A few weeks ago I was traveling for work, and since I had some time on my hands before my next flight, I decided I would write a short story for kids. This wasn’t a random choice; Keys for Kids Ministries, the children’s ministry that I work for, publishes a quarterly devotional for kids of the same name.

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Creative Mistakes

Today Nicole and I went out just to have some fun taking photos of each other. We actually both, separately, had the idea to go out this weekend for this, so it worked out great. She knew about this really nice little park about 20 minutes away with a pond and a fountain, lots of trees, very picturesque.  Continue reading “Creative Mistakes”

Always On

One of the most important characteristics of radio is that it’s always on. Whenever you turn the dial, hit the button, or the start the stream, your local station promises that they’ll be there for you. Your friend over the air, bringing you music and entertainment, and in times of crisis, the minute by minute updates to carry you through.

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Pumpkin Spice Pictures

One of Nicole’s dreams for a long time has been to open a healthy bakery. That’s a huge dream, and we’ve slowly begun working toward that through her website burlybisonbakery.com. We’re going to build this website as an online storefront so she can begin to build an audience who hopefully will one day visit the physical Burly Bison Bakery.

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My first photos

I’ve wanted to get into photography for a few years, I like how images can convey emotion so effectively, and our culture is becoming more visually driven through the Internet.

Last Sunday, I pulled out Nicole’s camera from the closet and asked her how to use it. She had taken a digital photography class in college, and she showed me a few things about aperture and shutter speed. All the buttons and controls seemed pretty overwhelming, but I started looking up basic photography online to learn more.

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